Sterilization and infection control

All surgical and invasive instruments are cleaned, wrapped and sterilized at very high temperatures after each time they are used on a patient, to protect patients from potential cross-infection. Our sterilization equipment is not in the treatment rooms, but in a demarcated sterilization room which can be visited on request.
Disposable items, such as needles and saliva ejectors, cannot be sterilized and are discarded in special containers.
Before you enter the treatment rooms, all surfaces and equipment have been cleaned and disinfected.
The water channels of our Sirona C2+ treatment centers are permanently disinfected throughout the treatment process.
Our dental personnel make use of barrier techniques by wearing a pair of gloves, a mask and eye protectors. After each patient visit, the gloves and mask are discarded, hands are washed with antimicrobial soap and a new pair of gloves and mask is used for the next patient.
Although all our treatment procedures are performed in a latex-free environment, be sure to inform the dental personnel if you are allergic to latex.
Setting new standards in ergonomics and design.

State of the art sterilization equipment insures that no cross infection takes place

Distilled water for the sterilization process

The washing machine washes the instruments

An ultrasonic bath cleans the burrs and smaller instruments

The clean instruments are packed and sealed for the sterilization process

The clean sealed instruments are sterilized

All hand pieces are sterilized after each procedure

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